The decline is difficult to stop, silicon metal market quiet

Addtime:2023-05-18 14:29:58

      Downstream demand is not good, the recent shipment of industrial silicon is difficult, prices continue to fall, and buy up do not buy down mentality makes trading more difficult. At present, the industrial silicon inventory is large, organic silicon operating rate decline, export volume reduction and other bearish factors affect the whole upstream and downstream bearish sentiment.

     In the face of the coming wet season with lower downstream consumption, high social inventories and strong supply side, trading is already thin and there is still competition for orders at low prices on the supply side. At present, silicon prices enter a vicious cycle of falling more difficult to get out, more difficult to ship more falling prices. Market trends do not give manufacturers confidence, and it is expected that the planned resumption of production in the South will be delayed in the near future.

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