Comparison of the output of silicon metal in main producing areas in the same period

Addtime:2023-05-11 10:37:31

     During the same period from January to April in 2023, the output in Xinjiang increased significantly, and the operating rate in Xinjiang was at a historical high. With the decline in the market price of silicon metal, the shipment pressure of factories was heavy, and the buyer's market was not active. Some factories in Xinjiang also entered the stage of routine maintenance and production reduction. In Yunnan, the output increase is not obvious and the price is hovering around the cost line, so most factories in Yunnan are in the closed stage. 

     However, due to the optimistic market price trend in the early stage, most factories have a certain inventory overhang. Yunnan is about to enter the wet season, and some factories still plan to resume production. Last year, the metal silicon market was optimistic, so the operation was relatively high. Facing the pressure of the market, most silicon factories in Sichuan could not bear it. After entering the normal period, under the influence of various factors, some factories plan to resume work this month, and most factories said that they would produce after entering the wet period.

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