Tender delay, silicon metal market keep quiet

Addtime:2022-12-19 17:06:23

    This week, the market of metallurgical grade silicon metal fell less. Most factories have been unwilling to sell at a low price, and some factories have also raised their external quotations. Although there are low price transactions in the market, the concentrated trading prices have basically stabilized.The polysilicon factory orders expected by the market have not been placed in a centralized way.    Only a few factories have made up orders and indicated that they had prepared goods in the early stage, so the quantity of goods has been prepared after the Spring Festival.

    Most polysilicon factory orders have been delayed as the market has become less optimistic and inventories can be consumed.Aluminum market orders are still sporadic, some small aluminum plants will be closed to the end of the month.The operation enthusiasm of traders has also been reduced, and some traders have no plan of large inventory in addition to regular stock.

   Regarding export, there are sporadic inquiries in the export market, but the price is still not high. The overall export market is not optimistic this year.

   Silicon metal factories have long hoped for growth, but disappointing, because there is no market order support, the price is difficult to recover.Futures will soon be listed, but the overall market activity is difficult to mobilize, the spot market may be closed at the end of this month or the beginning of next month, the silicon metal price in the short term large volatility performance is small.

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