Silicon metal markets keep quiet

Addtime:2022-12-16 15:17:00

    Recently, the market price of silicon metal has slowed down, and many silicon factories have expressed reluctance to ship at low prices, showing a sentiment of reluctance to sell.The south enters the dry season, Sichuan production is relatively obvious, Yunnan Dehong area may usher in a centralized furnace shutdown at the end of this month, but the electricity price in the south has been raised, the cost has increased, the factory said that the margin space is limited.

    It is understood that after the production cut in Sichuan, the remaining non-oxygenated silicon metal factory is limited, some factories have a certain inventory backlog, planned to ship after the year.Some indicators are more than the low price of the source of goods, but it is not the phenomenon of market concentration.No oxygen silicon metal in Yunnan production factory only 4, Guizhou and northern Shaanxi region offer little difference.

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