Demand for silicon metal is weak

Addtime:2022-11-18 13:55:07

  Last week polysilicon factory concentrated orders, this week the market is a little bit quiet. The mill has placed orders successively, but the price is still low. The price acceptance of silicone and aluminum market is limited, and it is difficult for intermediate traders to operate. At present, the quotation of silicon metal is relatively chaotic among different regions. Some factories make a slight concession on the price through rational purchase of goods, while some silicon metal factories still have a mentality of holding back on selling. There are also price differences between silicon metal factories in the trading of the same brand for different downstream customer groups.

  A factory in the north gradually resumed work, actively shipped goods to the outside world, and introduced corresponding preferential policies to the end customers. The overall transaction situation of silicon metal was not optimistic, and the price of some silicon metal brands fell slightly in the buyer's market under the premise of the demand orders. Some silicon factories in the north and South rationally view the market order and take the goods have price concession phenomenon, and some factories say that they will wait for the dry period and then offer more reluctant to sell.

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