Silicon metal market is stable this week

Addtime:2022-11-11 09:20:34

    Recently, due to the production reduction of Xinjiang silicon metal plant and the rising power cost of Sichuan area, the silicon metal market has been running steadily. Some factories have increased their quotations, but the transaction is not active. The market presents a situation of rising prices within Xinjiang and weak stability outside Xinjiang.

    Due to the severe impact of the epidemic in Xinjiang, silicon metal and its upstream and downstream trading have been gradually confined to a small area, making it difficult to enter and leave Xinjiang. Xinjiang downstream monomer plant, polysilicon plant and aluminum plant procurement is also based on local silicon metal plant. After a large plant cut production, the rest of the silicon plant price positive, although the volume has not increased significantly, but individual transactions have gradually increased.

    Sichuan Silicon plant price enthusiasm is still not reduced, but the price is stable and difficult to receive orders, let alone the price increase? Individual brand transaction prices continue to show signs of small declines. It is expected that the silicon metal market will continue to run smoothly in the short term.

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