The inquiry of silicon metal increasing from traders

Addtime:2022-04-22 15:53:14

Due to the epidemic influencethe downstream factories now are in the low operation rate which also influence the market of silicon metal. The marker supply excess, the price is getting down for a month. Now as some of the aluminum factories are gradually start tenderingthe traders are also very active in purchasing. But there still no much orders.

Looking at the domestic marketunder the epidemic influence of the end user like car, construction industrial, the operation rate of aluminum factories and foundry industry are getting down. But the epidemic influence is not that big to silicon metal factories. The  directly influence for the silicon metal factories are the cost of the raw material and electricity. The operation rate still in high level compare to the same period last year.

Now the silicon metal market supply is beyond than the market demand. People are thinking the price will get down until the raining season. Now as the epidemic is gradually under control, downstream industry are resuming producing. Also some of the new project coming out, the price of silicon metal may raising again.

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